all things *.aaoth.xyz that you can use of access. blocks of preformatted text provide configuration options to use with appropriate clients.


using links below you can watch the uptime of these services. note that you will need to enable javascript in order to access the status page.

status on clearnet

status on i2p

status on tor

status on yggdrasil – http://[301:cec9:b4fc:5a23::bea4]




gitea is more sophisticated tool for hosting repositories than cgit; it is more similar to things like github or gitlab and it enables modern development practices as well as clearer communication between people.

learn more about gitea



cgit web frontend to personal collection of git repositories. pet projects, toy projects, all that fun stuff. as for now i’m keeping cgit for backup purposes, main live actions will take place on gitea for now.



personal collection of fossil repositories. similar to all things git.

learn more about fossil




intance of pleroma, federated micro-blogging service. registrations are closed currently, but you can contact me and get an invite if you really want.

learn more about pleroma



instance of honk, the most minimal and enlightened federated microblogging service.

honk is amazing! it is written in go by ted unangst.

source code of original honk



NOTE: this link may be unaccessible all the time, so don’t be surprized.

instance of my own streaming server. currently i occasionally stream games and i speak primarily in russian, but this may be expanded in the future.

learn more about owncast


NOTE: there is no matrix frontend available, but you can use aaoth.xyz as a matrix homeserver when logging in.

homeserver: aaoth.xyz

instance of dendrite matrix server. registrations are closed currently, but if you really want, you can contact me and get an invite.

learn more about matrix

dendrite matrix server source code


xmpp s2s: aaoth.xyz:5269 (default)
xmpp c2s: aaoth.xyz:5222 (default)

i have an xmpp server running prosody. if i know you and you need an account, contact me to get an invite.

learn more about xmpp


mumble: aaoth.xyz:64738 (default)

mumble is a self-hostable voice chat software. one can use it as a replacement for proprietary things like discord. server is currently open, feel free to join by using a mumble client. note that it is running off a small vps so don’t be surprized if it’ll fail on you.

learn more about mumble




instance of inks, a link aggregator.

source code of inks


smtp: mail.aaoth.xyz:587
smtp security: starttls
imap: mail.aaoth.xyz:993
imap security: ssl/tls

personal mail server. currently it is only used by me and there’s no plan to add support for registration. if you really want an account, contact me.



ntfy: mail.aaoth.xyz

ntfy is a tool to easily send push notifications using simple http post request. it also enables unified push, a way to make push notifications on android phones without relying on google services.

ntfy works by creating topics. note that there are no restrictions on who can send what to a topic, so you may treat topic name as a password.

(yes i forwarded ntfy to my mail domain just because i can. i have no plans on adding webmail anyway).

learn more about ntfy